Thank You for a Wonderful 2016!!

Thank You for a Wonderful 2016!!

2016  on a personal level was TOUGH. Between health issues with my pregnancy, work drama, and a slew of other curveballs - it took a toll on the work / life balance I had worked so hard to master. But on a professional level, it was my best year yet thanks to you all. Why?

  • I got serious about goal setting and tracking.
  • I made an effort to network every week.
  • I found my work tribe.
  • And my biggest goal accomplished - I launched the Be Free Workshop in February and hit my goal of hosting 4 workshops this year. 

I had the biggest year yet and instead of focusing on advertising dollars or client chasing and sales funnels - I focused on sharing my knowledge, contributing advice to those who needed it, and creating community. And then a funny thing happened - I doubled my income from 2015...and that was with taking 2 months off for maternity leave. WHOA.

Since having Reagan in August, a fire has been lit inside me like never before to build a business that fits the life that I want - not have a life centered around my job. And while more money is always great - my goal this year - both personally and professionally - is freedom

Freedom to have the flexibility to build the life I want

Freedom to work from the beach for a week if I wanted. 

Freedom to visit my parents without having to count how many "days off" I can have. 

Freedom to play with my little girl in the middle of the day. 

I've got some great things in the works for 2017 - bigger Be Free Workshops, a long overdue rebrand, and much more. Thank you for being a part of such a successful year and I hope you stick around for whats to come! 

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