Newborn Photography - Meet The Todds

I had the best time photographing this sweet new family of three. So many photos but tried to limit it to my favorites. Also, whenever you incorporate the dogs, its always hilarious. Scroll down to see!

It was also fun to kind of switch things up and play with shadows more in my photography. I’ve been playing with editing style more lately and am finally starting to get happy with where things are heading. While I could just buy presets like a lot of photographers do (team NO-presets over here), I really want to craft a specific look and finally feel like the tones and colors are getting where I want. I’ve always been a fan of colors looking like real colors, but was so into the light and airy look for so long, that I almost forced it. Now I’m trying to have it reflect the actual situation I’m in and just enhance whats there. I’m not forcing light and airy when the lighting situation doesn’t call for it. I’m also not going to force fall-infused golden hour if its not. But thats just me :)

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