Engagement Photography - Amanda & Ryan

Y'all, my BFF is marrying my other BFF in one week. ONE WEEK. And to celebrate all the excellent dancing and bottle popping that will be happening on October 24th, I decided to share with you part of their engagement session that we did last fall. But first, I want to tell you our, er, their story...

Amanda & Ryan have been part of my and Thomas' life for as long as we can remember. The number of amazing memories I have in my life, Amanda and Ryan are a part of just about every one of them. Ryan grew up with Thomas (seriously his dad threw him out of baseball practice when he was like six) and I went to college and bartended with Amanda at good ol' Taco Mac in Woodstock. Once I began getting to know Amanda, I knew instantly that she would be perfect for our dear friend Ryan. Thomas agreed and thus the plotting began. Fast forward several years, some epic trips, lots of dancing, and a puppy dog later and here they are engaged and about to embark on an amazing journey together. So when they asked me to shoot their engagement photos, I was beyond thrilled. I knew the photos were going to be great, because they're great looking people, but I had no idea how much we would laugh during this shoot. And then of course they broke out dancing to some Michael Jackson on a rooftop in Atlanta...and I realized in that moment, how incredibly lucky and #blessed I am to call them friends. Their love is contagious. Their laughter, infectious. And to anyone who knows them, they are the most thoughtful people on the planet. 

To say that I'm over the moon excited to stand by my friends on their big day is just about the understatement of the century.