Family Photography - The Nielsen's

For a little throwback Thursday, I thought I'd share this shoot I did with the Nielsen's to celebrate the oh-so-adorable Norah and her first birthday up in Cape Cod last summer. I had an absolute blast watching Norah and her cake smash, going out to the beach with them, and just hanging out at probably the cutest beach house ever. I usually do my shoots at parks and very metropolitan backdrops, so shooting on a beach in the Cape was just magical. Plus, she's pretty much in the Top Ten Most Beautiful Babies on the planet. Click through the gallery below to view the photos!

If you're a photographer, what are some of your favorite places to shoot?

For those of you looking to do a family shoot, what are the type of environments you think your kids would like best? A park? Playground? Or places that they know and love near the house?