Hot and Healthy Habits Week 2 - Free Nutrition Tracker

Hot and Healthy Habits Week 2 - Free Nutrition Tracker

I knew when I started Amanda and Ander's new course that one of the first habits I wanted to take a stab at fixing was my nutrition. Now half the appeal of their course to me was that I've tried just about every "diet" under the sun and am living proof of the vicious cycle it is. You "feel better," start losing weight, ween off diet because its not sustainable to live a normal life on it, weight starts to creep back up, you feel like crap and a bit fat failure, rinse and repeat. And me about the 200 other girls all joined in on their program because we're #overit. 

So in an effort to approach this whole food issue a bit differently, I thought I'd take a stab at trying to check off my recommended servings and see what happens. Think your daily servings of proteins, carbs, fats, veggies, etc. So I created a tracking sheet to hang on the fridge to help me in my experiment. This first week, I decided to just eat as I have been to see how I would fare against my goals. And just as I thought....not well at all. 

Not nearly enough veggies. Not nearly enough fats. Not nearly enough water. 

The one thing I did accomplish (which I mastered thanks to Amanda and Ander's first program) is getting 8 hours of sleep each night. I used to survive on 5-6 hours during the week and then would waste my entire weekend sleeping 10-11 hours because I was so exhausted. It took a long time to make it a habit, but I can say it completely changed my life. I don't feel like I'm wasting my weekends anymore by sleeping in and struggling with that guilt, which was always a big thing for me. If you're looking for one thing to change for the better, I highly highly recommend trying to master this one first. 

So this next week, I'm going to strive to actually check off each bucket of my daily nutrition. Mostly focusing on water and veggies. If you're interested in the sheet I'm using, you can download it below for free! Now I'm not a nutritionist, and I've tailored this sheet for my nutritional deficits so you may see some duplicates (like iron for instance. You'll see beef as an option for protein but also for iron, so you know..two birds). Anyways I'll write next week on how I've been progressing and any other info I can share!