Branding & Web Design - Inside Out Fitness

I've known Jessica for years and when she told me she was quitting corporate America to start her own personal training business, I was beyond thrilled for her. Not only had she been my workout buddy for like 3 years, but anyone who knows her knows how infectious her positivity is. I couldn't think of a more perfect career path for her and was so excited when she asked for my help in branding it.

What sets Jessica apart to me is the core mission of her business. She not only wants to help people get healthier and more fit on the exterior, but she wants to help them battle those demons on the inside as well. Anyone who's been in the fitness world long enough knows there's plenty of unhealthy folks in the industry who make look the part in every way, but on the inside, they're absolutely miserable. Thats not what living a healthy life is about...and Jessica wants to help change that.  

Perhaps it was because I know her and her style, but I don't think a branding project has ever been easier. We agreed on everything right out of the gate, making only minor revisions to her brand and website. I love how bold and fun it is, which really is Jessica in a nutshell. 

Here's a look at her brand mood board:

Here's her logo, business card design, and website:

Here's what Jessica had to say about the project:

I had the pleasure of connecting with Angela as I began my personal training business and needed to not only get my web moving efficiently and looking good, but completely creating my brand from logo to color scheme. I had an idea of what I liked but no idea how to take this to concept. Angela has been monumental in helping me {and in an organized manner too} figure out what colors fonts things I like by taking me through the basics step by step in what I need to to to develop my taste and brand. She was so patient in helping me tailor and mold what she finds and I find and allowing me to get it exactly right without complaints despite being on a 5th or 6th mockup. I love my new logo she created and the persona she helped me develop for my business. Not only did she help me get off the ground, but she did it in a timely and organized fashion using an app with deadlines and great communication. I highly reccomend Her for anyone looking to start a business and create a brand or even just rework your current brand. She’s great!!
— Jessica Muenster, Founder at Inside Out Fitness

If you're in the Atlanta area and are looking to kickstart that lifestyle change, I encourage you to reach out to Jessica. Just like her company states, she focuses not only getting healthy on the outside, but the inside as well. And in her good samaritan spirit, she of course offers free workouts through out the year. Check out her (newly designed) site for more info!