Lifestyle Blog Branding + Web Design for Going Gosnell
Angela is seriously amazing!!! She helped me develop my brand from the ground up and built the most amazing blog / website anyone could ask for. I am going into “blogger” world already feeling extremely confident bc of this. She was more than patient with me even when I had 5 million questions also. She even edited some of my photos that weren’t taken professionally so they looked better and followed along with the overall flow of my site. I HIGHLY recommend her. HANDS DOWN!
— Sarah Gosnell, Going Gosnell

I'm so excited to share this branding and blog design project that launched last month. Sarah and I have known each other for years and years, so when she messaged me to ask me about branding and doing a web design for a little idea she had, I knew this was going to be a fun project, because Sarah goes ALL in when she puts her mind to something.

She wanted to start blogging and her exact words to me were, "I know right, all the eye rolls that another mom and wife wants to start a blog." But I LOVE blogs and the people who take the time to be vulnerable about their life. I think its endearing and brave, I don't care how many people already "do" it. And Sarah has lived quite a life with some hilarious stories to tell. 

She knew she wanted to write about a wide variety of topics - home decor to fashion. Beauty to Travel. Just everything about her life, the good with the bad. The designer luxury fashion with the hot mess express sprinkled in. Nothing about Sarah is plain jane, so I knew branding and designing this was going to be oh-so-much-girly-fun. 

First - the logo design. I instantly knew what I wanted to do, but of course had her run through the exercise I give my clients (most designers do this), of creating a moodboard. And *pat on the back for me*, my vision was exactly what Sarah wanted, but didn't know how to put into words quite yet. I knew it would be classic, elegant, timeless, and simple. 

The name of her site would be Going Gosnell so the big debate was playing on the two G's. Do we do something (in her words) "Kardashian" like with the 2 G's or no? At first I stayed away from it, because she said that exact sentence with disgust haha. And then tried it, and honestly it looked like two huge boobs to me so I steered clear. We decided on something that I love so much and I know will communicate the exact vision of her brand. She's not doing this just to document her life and favorite things, there's a bigger goal in mind and we needed a brand that was going to carry her to that goal. 


We did a black on black matte look for her design with the business cards having a gold foil treatment to them. OBSESSED is what you could call me with this branding. I feel like I say it with each project, but its one of my favorite designs to date. 

Once we finalized the branding, we moved to the website. I customized a site in Squarespace for her (because you know I'm the biggest SS fan there is) and we are both more than thrilled about how it turned out. The tagline is everything to me when you hit her page :) I don't think two people ever laughed as much in a coffee shop as we did when we added it. 


Sarah knew that imagery was critical to a good site and Christy Parry crushed it with the photography (as she always does). Christy has been shooting with the Gosnells for years, and knew exactly how to get Sarah to open up for these photos. I have been meaning to book a shoot myself with her for months but this mompreneneur can't get her act together to do so. #momlife

I hope you all love this blog as much as I do. Sarah posts frequently with amazing recipes, fashion advice, and her husband even chimes in from time to time (which is hilarious)! Give her a follow and if you're ever needing any design work, I hope you keep me in mind!