Meet Hallie - Brookhaven Newborn Photography

Meet Hallie - Brookhaven Newborn Photography

This little gal right here experienced so much before even making her debut into the world. Cara and Travis are old friends of mine and I’ve been shooting with them since their first baby girl was born, Reagan (our daughters are both named Reagan and like 2 weeks apart!).

Cara was diagnosed with Breast Cancer…then found out she was pregnant. Sweet little Hallie had to go through a surgery, multiple x-rays and six months of chemotherapy while cooking in her momma’s belly.

I know. INSANE. God is good y’all.

But mommy and baby endured and it was such a privilege to document the newest addition to the Payne family.

Also I love this shoot so much because its straight up MOM LIFE with a two year old and a newborn. You can’t please ‘em all folks, and that is totally fine.