Nashville Wedding Guest Book Poster - DayNa & Mark

Last year, I was beyond honored when DayNa Gliebe, a fellow designer and photographer, commissioned me to make her wedding guest book poster. The landscape of traditions in weddings have changed drastically in the past few years and this is one trend that I'm still in love with. Instead of having a traditional guest book that you stick on a shelf, have a poster created with your wedding details for guests to sign that you can display in your home. Bonus points if you get your poster custom to your tastes like DayNa & Mark did. They are die-hard Nashville residents and to play on the significance of their city, we created a silouhette of the skyline and also incorporated typography similar to that of the old Nashville Broadway posters. We both were in love with this poster and how it turned out. And I love hearing that DayNa displayed it front and center in her home!

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