Website Launch: Candice Cunningham!
So talented and is thorough in making sure she gets you exactly what you are looking for.
— Candice Cunningham

I'm so excited to share the latest website makeover for Candice Cunningham!! This has seriously been in the works for probably 2 years of Candice wanting a new site, no joke. And finally in July, she reached out and was ready to get this bad boy redone and out to the world, and I have to say, I think she's a beauty. 

We went with Squarespace for the platform, because its my fave and I use it as much as I can when I have a choice, and within a month we were up and running. She wanted a new modernized look and wanted to easily display her focuses as well as blog posts. She had loads of blog content from her previous site that had to be transferred over, which we did without a hitch! 

Here's a pic of her before site:



And here's the new and improved version! 


Candice is a personal trainer based out of Buckhead (she was actually my trainer for years and I can attest to how much she can kick your butt) , and offers one on one personal training or BONUS...she'll come to you. What I have a new appreciation for though, is she now is a specialist on pre and post natal fitness. She's so great at showing you what movements to do post baby (hint...some are actually terrible for you to do) that will help get your stomach to feel like its working again. 

Go check out her site and give her a follow on IG for tips and tricks on all things fitness!