This adorable family. It’s always amazing to witness couples grow through various stages of their lives. Especially when you've known them for as long as I've known this beautiful mama. 

I met Amanda Rae in middle school. I've watched her blossom into such a beautiful woman from our teen angst years through marriage and then her first born. So when she asked me to do a maternity shoot for her second, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to document yet another milestone in her life. 

Photographing a family shoot is always interesting because you get an intimate glimpse into people's lives and how they interact with each other. For example, the way Joe would make Amanda laugh when I was making them get all close and intimate. She was instantly at ease when he put his arm around her. The way Amanda would smile every time she put her hand on her belly. And then there's Ethan who was "tracking deer" by the lake. 100% boy that kid is. 

So here's a few of my favorites from our shoot last year. I'm super behind on posting images because I was so focused on the website revamp, but I hope you still enjoy them none the less.