Live Proposal Session - Daniel & Carla

"Hey, I'm going to propose and would love to have you capture the entire thing."

Its one of my most favorite emails to get. The proposal is probably one of the most intimate moments a couple can have together, and its truly an honor to be asked to be a part of it and to be trusted to document it.

Daniel and Carla met for what was supposed to be a quick coffee date during her lunch break at work and ended up talking for 3 hours. Daniel told me after that first date, he knew Carla was the one and he told his best friend he was in love. #swoon. 

When Daniel reached out to me and told me the wonderful news, we instantly began plotting. In his words:

Explaining to Angela my plan of a photo shoot ending with a surprise proposal. Telling her of my idea of Carla and I standing behind the four kids, while each kid hold a painted canvas. Reading Will You Marry Me?
But pulling off this proposal with the kids and Carla not finding out was tricky. Took a little fabrication and photo shoot prop ideas. I waited till Carla was in the shower one hour before the photo shoot to paint the canvases so she wouldn't find them, I told the kids right before we left to the photo shoot. Knowing that if I told them too soon they might slip and accidentally ruin the surprise proposal. They were super excited and all on board to hold these "props". 
The photo shoot was booked for one hour including a 15 minute warning to get the props and set her up out of sight of the words on the canvases. 
Angela drops the 15 minute warning, while she is shooting the four kids. I tell Carla of this idea I had about letting the kids hold blank canvases. Explaining that I talked to Angela about Photoshopping what ever words on them we wanted. 
Carla was super excited about this idea, I run to the car to get the canvases while they set up near the water. I place everyone where I want then, I say hold on. I run to Angela's side pretending to make sure everyone will fit in the frame. It looks great, so I hand the kids each a "blank canvas" and show her the fifth canvas which actually was blank and throw it on the ground. 
Panic ensues as my youngest son says "what does it say, what does it say" I show him and whisper to him the plan again. Luckily Angela distracts Carla as we finally get all set, I have to find something to draw her attention away. I simply point off in the distance "look at that" I say.
I quickly take a knee, when she turns around it's pure surprise. In shock she covers her face with both hands, I say "Carla Varnell, will you marry me?" 
She said yes, after what felt like a minute... She was still in too much shock. It turned out we had an audience, a family of four having a picnic.. When the canvases were given to the kids and I took a knee, I hear gasps of joy. I was so excited to share our moment with them. But the joy I'm going to share with Carla and our kids will last a lifetime. 

Daniel/Carla - I wish you guys nothing but a lifetime of happiness. Even in the short time I got to spend with you that day, I could tell how in love you were with each other. The way you looked at each other, the way you look at each other's was truly inspiring and breathtaking to be a part of. 

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