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Teach Me Photography

Teach Me Photography


We’ll be sitting around drinking coffee, chatting about photography, making new friends. I’ll be walking you though photography basics of how the heck to use that DSLR camera you got way back. We’ll also step outside and practice shooting a little bit, AND most importantly, we’ll be digging into Lightroom to go over basic editing techniques to get your photos how you want them.

This is for you if: You want to take better photos of the kids, have an interest in photography for personal or professional use, or want to stop relying on Instagram filters for your photos.

What you’ll need: a working DSLR camera. Optional is your laptop if you want to follow along how to edit in Lightroom yourself. Disclaimer, I shoot with only Canon so if there will be some differences between camera brands but the methodology is the same.

When: Monday March 11 11:00am - 1:00 pm.

Where: Yanmar EVO Center in Acworth. This is an in-person workshop.

I’ve shot with this amazing company before and they’ve graciously offered to let us use their fancy training center for our workshop.

What to expect: We’ll do an intro with everyone and then get right into it. We will review the basics components of a camera. I’m not going to go full art school on you on how a camera works, but we’ll cover enough so you understand what you’re doing to take a photo. Then we’ll head outside and practice shooting for a bit so I can help you in a more hands on way. After that, we’ll go back and I’ll walk through the basics of Lightroom so you know how to navigate your way around the software to get your photos seen instead of hiding them forever.

There’s only 6 spots available so act fast. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter below to get on the waiting list for the next one.

Refunds: Refunds are not available however you are allowed to transfer the ticket to another person if you’re unable to attend.

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